Playboy Café – Dehli



The Playboy Café in Dehli has been conceptualized with an intent to make it an everyday bar while adding a little bit of fun to the atmosphere. Playboy Café offers an enticing world cuisine inspired menu to appeal to every customer. The interior breathes panache, with the quirky interiors accented with gold enhancing the Playboy essence. Playboy Rabbit Head embellishments adorn the bar and complement the fun and colorful vibe of the Playboy Café.

Ankkit Bahadur Managing Director, PB Lifestyle North Pvt Ltd, said, “We are excited to extend the Playboy legacy through the first café in India. Gurgaon being the hub of the urban, young and evolving market of North India, we feel it is in perfect sync with the brand’s quintessence and provides the right ambiance for the brand to flourish. We aim to provide consumers with the best of international brands & services that have been previously rarely available in the country.