Now casting Bunnies for Playboy Club NYC


Playboy Club NYC – Open Casting
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
June 26-28, 2018
The Cachet Boutique Hotel
510 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Bring your resume and headshot; check in at the front desk.


The Playboy Bunny and its distinctive costume represents one of the world’s most recognizable company symbols – an image that speaks of the good life and is synonymous with impeccable service standard. The Bunny is responsible for simultaneously acting as a Playboy Brand Ambassador while delivering the highest level of service to ensure memorable guest experiences.

  • The Bunnies are ambassadors of the Playboy brand and will be in the full Bunny costume whenever representing the Club or Lounge. Bunnies may be called on, as part of their normal duties, to represent the brand in a variety of ways including interacting with the Press in an official capacity, offsite events, photo shoots, and marketing and corporate hospitality events.
  • The ideal candidate will support and assist the management in achieving the highest level of representation to ensure that the unique Playboy experience is achieved at all times.
  • Duties include greeting guests, taking drink orders, keeping track of customer orders, opening bottles of wine, champagne, understanding the menu and ensuring customer comfort. This position requires excellent communication and impeccable service skills.
  • As a Bunny you will also have other key responsibilities which will include maintaining and reflecting the brand values at all times. When on duty you will take on an “entertainment role” to ensure that the brand is promoted in a positive way through your interactions and communications with guests and visitors to provide a unique and memorable guest experience. You will ensure that you adhere to all required service and entertainment standards at all times to include, but not limited to, excellent standards of service, posture, verbal interactions and standard greetings. All Bunnies must also achieve the highest possible standards of personal grooming to achieve a consistent and unique image to all guests and Visitors.